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From the beaches of Morocco in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south, Africa is a kaleidoscope of cultures, flavors and sounds, and Africa photography captures the very essence of the expansive continent. From markets to deserts and beaches to jungles, there’s nowhere else on earth with geography quite like it, and its significant history is as long as it is colorful. If you’re looking to spice up your project with unique pictures of Africa, EyeEm won’t disappoint.

As well known for its art, from wood-carved sculptures to colorful jewelry, as it is for its cuisine, Africa is a continent alive with tradition. Capturing the tastes and sounds of each and every African country, photographers young, old, native and just visiting are constantly uploading stunning images of Africa to EyeEm and sharing their unique perspectives with the rest of the world. Let them show you a side of Africa you never knew existed. Browse Africa photography at EyeEm from the comfort of your home or office and be amazed.

From world-class football games to spotting big cats on safari, and cities with millions of residents to rural villages, images of Africa can tell a thousand different stories, so find the one that will help you tell yours. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to your website or magazine, or are looking for a unique image around which to base your web ads for a new venture, our unparalleled collection of unbelievable Africa photos will surprise and inspire.

Thanks to our simple and transparent licensing agreement, getting your hands on modern stock photos couldn’t be easier – let EyeEm take care of the photography and have one less thing to worry about. Expand your horizons with incredible African pictures at EyeEm.