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Royalty-free Abstract Images from EyeEm

Abstract photography is most commonly concerned with expressing the visual language of shape, form, color and line - capturing often overlooked aspects of a subjective reality. Today of course, we are all abstractionists, with photography increasingly documenting the imperceptible elements of an unseen universe. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, the natural and man-made world reveals itself in fragments - shards of compelling imagery and unreal angles.

It’s true that well composed abstract pictures speak to us in many ways. Interpretation is key and so abstraction can serve a multitude of purposes when employed in editorial or commercial projects. Thankfully, EyeEm has a community of photographers with unique abstract images for your next creative venture. So, whether you want to illustrate complex concepts or simply want to reflect upon the beauty of a world in which not everything is as it seems, the royalty-free photos at EyeEm can help.

Our expertly curated collection of abstract photos features all kinds of subject matter for every imaginable purpose. Impossible geometry frames contrasting color and shape, distancing us from realist works and forcing us to re-examine the world as we perceive it. An abstract image draws us in to the very core of what we understand of the universe, and here at EyeEm we have all kinds of abstract imagery for you to use.

Using an abstract image on your next website, in a promotional project or marketing campaign couldn’t be easier thanks to our simple licensing agreements that give you full freedom to express your conceptual creativity. Great value licensing means you can use the unique aesthetic of our photographers in print and on TV, throughout social media and on a host of other portals and applications depending upon your particular requirements. Sign up to EyeEm Market today.