Vasco Canto Moniz

* Memories through a lens *
Vasco Canto Moniz
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Statue against trees
Sun shining over sea against sky
Full length of man standing in front of building
Bicycle parked on wall
Scenic view of lake in forest during autumn
People on beach against clear blue sky
Full length of a man standing in temple
Man on shore against mountains
Man working at restaurant
Close-up of insect
Scenic view of lake and mountains against clear blue sky
Man with bicycle on riverbank against sky
Rear view of man in bird
View of cityscape against cloudy sky
View of landscape against cloudy sky
Close-up of sea lion on beach
Rear view of woman walking on bridge
Silhouette men on boat in sea against sky
Close-up of illuminated lamp against sky
Close-up of water drops on blue sea
Panoramic view of horse
Close-up of water in sea against sky
Close-up of empty chairs in row
People on street in city
Aerial view of clouds over snow covered landscape
Close-up portrait of boy
Rear view of man cycling on tree
Scenic view of sea against orange sky
Midsection of man sitting in hat
Close-up of beer bottles on table
Low angle view of trees against dramatic sky
View of horse on beach at sunset
View of volcanic landscape against cloudy sky
High angle view of gray heron flying over lake
Close-up of window of building
Entrance of building
Full length of men standing on beach
Low section of woman lying on floor
Close-up of airplane wing against sky during sunset
Sand dunes in desert against sky
Window of building
Old ruins
Close-up of red bird flying
Full length of a man
Close-up of beer on table by swimming pool
Ship on water against sky
Motorcycle against blue sky
Shadow of man on grassy field against sky
Deck chairs against built structure
View of a temple
Scenic view of silhouette mountains against sky at sunset
Bicycle in flower
Scenic view of lake in forest
Rear view of woman sitting in field
Man rowing boat in sea against trees
Close-up of wood against sky
Scenic view of waterfall
Close up of objects
Close-up of built structure against clear sky
Close-up of silhouette statue against sky during sunset
Close-up of monkey on tree
Sheep on grassy field by lake
Bare trees on landscape against sky
Close up of woman with umbrella
High angle view of people riding motorcycle
Trees on field against clear sky
Midsection of woman with people in background
Close-up of horse
Close-up portrait of man outdoors
Potted plants in front of building
Close-up of lizard on rock
Scenic view of lake by mountains against sky