What I photographed is what I saw
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Panoramic view of people preparing food
Group of people in barbecue grill
Group of people working on barbecue grill
High angle view of people on barbecue grill
Panoramic view of people at night
Midsection of woman holding food on table
food and drink
Full length portrait of girl standing on tiled floor at home
real people
Scenic view of lake against sky at sunset
Midsection of woman with chocolate cake
Low angle view of illuminated street light at night
People on street in city
Rear view of people walking on street amidst buildings in city
Full length of woman sitting on seat
one person
Group of people in restaurant
Man and woman standing against fire at night
Woman sitting in a traditional clothing
People in restaurant
one person
Close-up of maple leaves against blurred background
Woman standing on staircase of building
Reflection of building on glass window
People sitting in city against sky
Bridge over river against sky during sunset
High angle view of buildings by street against sky
Wet road by buildings in city during rainy season
Empty road against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Full frame shot of old statue
Cars on road seen through wet glass window in rainy season
Close-up of yellow leaves floating on lake
Scenic view of river by buildings against sky during sunset
Scenic view of lake against sky during sunset
Scenic view of river against sky at sunset
Street amidst buildings seen through window
Digital composite image of modern building against cloudy sky
Low angle view of metallic structure
People with dog in park
Rear view of people walking on street in rain
People standing on table
Information sign
Portrait of monkey in cage
Woman standing by bicycle
Men standing at market stall
Close-up of lotus water lily in pond
Reflection of man in car mirror
Sculpture of buddha statue
Bicycle leaning against building at night
Full length portrait of woman standing against trees
Close-up of door knocker
Potted plant on bed at home
Close-up of clothespins hanging on rope
Rear view of man standing against wall in zoo
Road by trees on field against sky
Rear view of woman walking outside building
Rear view of woman walking on road
Fence on field by trees against sky
Low angle view of silhouette tree against clear sky
Close-up of purple flowering plant
View of birds in barn
View of a horse on field
House on field against sky
High angle view of cat resting
High angle view of cat sleeping
Rear view of people walking in field
Built structure on landscape against sky
People at market stall
Portrait of dog sitting at home
Group of people looking at dogs in city
Woman with dog standing at night
Street amidst buildings in city during rainy season
Illuminated street lights in city at night
People riding bicycle on street against buildings at night
High angle view of people sitting on floor
People walking on illuminated street at night
Close-up of flower pot on table
Close-up of leaves against wall
View of a cat
High angle view of a dog on floor
Cat walking on footpath
High angle view of food on table
Electric lamps on display at store
Rear view of women standing by window
Information sign for sale at market stall
Bicycle parked against wall in building
Side view of graffiti on wall
Bicycle by window of old abandoned building
View of a bird on wood
View of a bird
Close-up of a bird
Graffiti on wall in city
Potted plant outside house
Aerial view of airplane wing against sky
Entrance of historic building
View of a dog on the road
People on street in city against sky