Bettina Heim -

Life has no ctrl + z
Bettina Heim -
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High angle view of text on table at home
Sailboat sailing on sea against sky
Rocks on beach against sky
Low angle view of illuminated text on wall at night
Portrait of a cat on the window
Portrait of cat on window sill
Reflection of building and trees on river against sky
Window of illuminated building
Low angle view of ceiling of building
High angle view of pink flowering plant
Close-up portrait of a cat
Close-up of hand holding red leaf
Reflection of building in lake against clear blue sky
Scenic view of forest
Low angle view of historic building against sky
Close-up high angle view of water
Information sign on snow
Close-up of snow covered trees against sky
Close up of piano at home
Close-up of text on paper
Alley amidst buildings
Residential buildings against clear sky
High angle view of city against clear sky
Alley amidst buildings
Alley amidst houses in city
Low angle view of snow covered trees against sky
Illuminated christmas tree on table
High angle view of church against sky during winter
Aerial view of cityscape against sky during sunset
Close-up of plants during winter
Close-up of flower against blurred background
Illuminated text on wall
Rear view of boy standing on sand at beach
Close up of yellow paper
Close-up of colorful window at home
Trees in park during autumn
human body part
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling
no people
Close-up of tree in forest at night
Low angle view of statue against sky
Low angle view of ceiling of cathedral