Victor Mendoza

Ensenada B.C. México. Médico, aficionado a la fotografía See all, take a photo, make eternity things. Sony a5100 & moto 4g
Victor Mendoza
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Woman in swimming pool against sea
High angle view of boardwalk by swimming pool
Pier over sea against blue sky
Pier over sea against sky
Close-up of figurine in market
Close-up of snake
Close-up of person holding ice cream
Butterfly on grassy field
Close-up of animal sculpture
Close-up of parrot perching on tree
Close-up of a bird
Close-up of bird
Full frame shot of peacock
Close-up of parrot
Close-up of parrot
Close-up of a parrot
Close-up of parrot perching on branch
Close-up of parrot perching on tree branch
Horse standing in field
Close-up of zebra
Horses grazing in a field
Cow in a field
View of a horse on field
Scenic view of lake against clear blue sky
High angle view of townscape
Low angle view of silhouette building against sky during sunset
Silhouette landscape against clear sky during sunset
Rear view of man standing on shore during sunset
Scenic view of sea against romantic sky at sunset
Close-up of clothes hanging on wall
Portrait of man wearing sunglasses against wall
Scenic view of waterfall in forest against sky
Trees by lake in forest
Rear view of man standing by railing against sky
Low angle view of old building against cloudy sky
Close-up portrait of woman using mobile phone
Rear view of boy sitting at home
Rear view of man and woman
High angle view of mushrooms
High angle view of plant growing outdoors
Rear view of people walking on street in city
Close-up of hand holding fruit
Close-up of woman hand
Close-up portrait of smiling boy holding ice cream
Close-up of young woman against red background
Close-up of man
Illuminated interior
Man standing by window at home
Shadow of person on window
High angle view of girl standing on floor
Close-up of metal
Close-up of boy playing against orange background
Midsection of woman in city against sky