H Scott Burd

I love my wife!!! Canon 5D Mark IV Photographs Are My Own
H Scott Burd
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black and white
Buildings by river against cloudy sky
Buildings by sea against sky
Close-up of tiger
animal themes
animal themes
animal themes
Full frame shot of rusty metal
Close-up of elephant on field
Close-up of stones on rock
Railroad tracks by trees against sky during sunset
Railroad tracks amidst trees during autumn
Close-up of rusty sign on field
Close-up of a rabbit
Close-up of yellow flowers on field
Close-up of wet spider web
Railroad track amidst trees against sky during autumn
View of trees in forest
Scenic view of swamp on field
Wooden post in lake
Close-up of wilted plant on field
Plants on field against sky
High angle view of railroad tracks
View of railroad tracks in forest
Close-up of rose against blurred background
Low angle view of tower against cloudy sky
Panoramic view of sea
Man wearing hat standing in city
Ferris wheel by sea against sky
Low angle view of street light against wall
Full length of man at music concert
Side view of young woman holding umbrella
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Portrait of young woman looking away
Bird perching on wooden post
Close-up of bird perching on a tree
Portrait of happy boy
Portrait of smiling girl on grassy field
Low section of woman playing soccer ball on grass
Green soccer ball on field
Bird perching on a tree
Close-up of insect on wall
Close-up of text on brick wall
Low angle view of bridge over river against sky
Group of people at music concert
Group of people riding horse in ranch
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on flower
Close-up of an animal
Close-up of a horse
Horses in a field
Close-up of a bird looking away
Close-up of a duck
Close-up of mushrooms growing on field
Boy playing in swimming pool
Close-up of dandelion on plant
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on pink flower
View of sheep on field
Giraffe in a field
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Sheep in a field
View of a bird on field
Close-up of spider
Close-up of pink flower
Close-up of plant
High angle view of multi colored umbrellas
Row of people at cemetery
Portrait of mother and daughter
Close-up of insect on yellow flower
Close-up of dandelion flower
Woman sitting on chair by tree trunk against plants
Deer in a field
Bridge over river by buildings in city against sky
Close-up of bird perching on branch
Side view of a horse on field
Arch bridge over river against sky
Stack of railroad tracks by building against sky
Close-up of text written on wood
Close-up of purple flowers
Close-up of pink flowering plant
Close-up of pink flowering plant in park
Close-up of pink dahlia
Bird perching on wooden post