Ivana ♡

`26 `Holland `Urban explorer `Latin dancer `Photographer. `Instagram: DashingDecay
Ivana ♡
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urban area
urban area
picture frame
Interior of building
Interior of abandoned building
Car on field
mode of transportation
Stone wall in cemetery
Close-up of old wheel against wall
High angle view of old abandoned building
Trees in forest
Old rusty metal grate on wall
Close-up of an abandoned door
View of buildings against sky
Abandoned vintage car on land
View of a horse in the forest
Abandoned car in forest
Yellow flowers in forest
Interior of abandoned house
Interior of abandoned house
Old vintage car parked outside building
Full frame shot of abandoned truck
Empty chairs and table at home
View of buddha statue against wall and building
Empty chairs and tables in restaurant
Old abandoned house
Broken window of abandoned house
Close-up of clock on wall
Exterior of temple in building
Abandoned car on field against sky
Abandoned car on field against sky during sunset
Car on road against sky during sunset
Close-up of crab on wet glass during sunset
Empty staircase in building
Empty seats in corridor of building
Low angle view of illuminated chandelier in building
Entrance of building
Empty chair in abandoned building
View of trees through car window
Graffiti on wall of abandoned building
Old abandoned car on field
Close-up of rusty abandoned car on field
Corridor of building
Close-up of statue against wall
Close-up of toys on graffiti
Interior of abandoned home
Interior of abandoned factory
Close-up of rusty chain hanging on wall
Interior of restaurant
Interior of bedroom
Interior of abandoned building
High angle view of coffee on table
Interior of abandoned building
Close-up of building seen through window
Interior of historic building
Bicycles in abandoned building
Entrance of building
Close-up of train on railroad track
Close-up of yellow train window
High angle view of shoes on floor
Empty chairs and tables in restaurant
Empty chairs and tables in building
Potted plants on wall by building
Digital composite image of glass window with reflection of trees
Interior of empty seats in building
Empty chairs and table at home
Portrait of woman sitting by window at home
Interior of abandoned house
Empty seats in train
Old rusty wheel against wall
Horse in stable
Full length of woman on snow field
Full length of woman standing on snow covered land
Portrait of young woman standing on snow covered land
Close-up of a cat
Portrait of woman standing on snow covered land
Pine trees in forest during winter
Close-up of a cat
Young woman smiling in snow covered forest
Portrait of a dog
Bare trees in forest
Scenic view of sea against sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
View of dog looking away against sky
High angle view of abandoned building
Road by bare trees on field against sky
Highway against sky during sunset
Cat looking at camera
High angle view of dog looking away in forest