Dave Sharpe

Camera, coffee, bible: happy.
Dave Sharpe
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Low angle view of big ben against sky
High angle view of food in plate on table
Built structures
Low angle view of kite against sky
Close-up portrait of dog
High angle view of coffee on table
High angle view of airplane
Rear view of man walking on road
Close-up of orange flower against black background
Close-up of colored pencils
High angle view of multi colored pencils on table
Full length of a girl on field during rainy season
Close-up of insect on yellow flowering plant
High angle view of coffee cup on table
Close-up of colored pencils on table
Men sitting in boat
Portrait of a girl sitting on table at home
Rear view of boy riding bicycle on city
Portrait of a girl smiling
Empty chairs on field
Low angle view of people on railing against clear blue sky
Seagull flying over sea against sky
Portrait of young man
Close-up of pumpkins on table
Close-up of orange slice in basket on table
Birds flying in the sky
Close-up portrait of a boy
Close-up of girl wearing mask
Close-up portrait of girl
Close-up portrait of young man
Full length of girl riding bicycle
Man riding bicycle on road
Full frame shot of multi colored candies
Close-up portrait of mid adult man
Rear view of woman standing on wet rainy day
Chairs on table by sea against sky
Close-up of green leaves on plant
Close-up of breakfast on table
Full length of a boy on tree trunk in forest
High angle view of white flower on dry leaves on field
Close-up portrait of woman against blue wall
Girl sitting on rock at beach
High angle view of coffee cup on table
Scenic view of field against sky during sunset
Empty road along countryside landscape
High angle view of chopped vegetables in market
Close-up of white flowering plant
Silhouette man riding horse on shore against sky
Close-up portrait of boy holding camera
Close-up of wet grass on field
Full length of young woman on beach against sky
High angle view of faucet in bathroom
Close-up of christmas lights on table
Low section of woman standing on wooden floor
High angle view of raindrops on grass
Close-up of wilted plant
Low angle view of building against clear blue sky
Rear view of couple holding hands
Close-up of hand holding leaf
Low section of woman legs on land
Portrait of woman seen through wet glass window
Low angle view of flag against blue sky
Empty footbridge against sky
High angle view of vegetables on table
Close-up of multi colored ball on sand
Close-up of chain
Close-up of hand holding ice cream cone
Scenic view of sea against clear sky at night
Portrait of shirtless boy at home
Close-up of coffee cup on table at home
Close-up of human hand holding leaf
Close-up of fresh green leaves
Low section of person standing on tiled floor
Low section of woman wearing shoes
View of horse statue against wall
Rear view of boy running on plants against trees
Close-up of yellow toy on table
Close-up of light bulb against wall
Cars on city street by buildings against sky
Lighthouse on rocks by sea
Full frame shot of wet plants
Close-up of glass of water
Rear view of man in fish tank at aquarium
Empty bench in park
Close-up of stuffed toy
Close-up of text on metal grate on table
Close-up of yellow flowering plants on field
Scenic view of grassy field against cloudy sky
Close-up of plants growing on field at night
Trees on field against clear sky
Low angle view of silhouette tree against sky
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Low angle view of window on building
Close-up of thistle flowers
Close-up of text on table against white background
Trees growing in forest
Close-up of wet plant
Low angle view of road sign against sky