darlene turla

conceptual photos over here: facebook.com/waveleafphotoblog/ and flickr.com/photos/fourthornedrose/albums/72157683627780336
darlene turla
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High angle view of fruits in plate on table
Close-up portrait of man with camera
Rear view of man in lake
Midsection of woman resting on bed at home
Full frame shot of pipes
Full frame shot of pipes
Close-up of lit tea light candles on table
Full length of woman riding bicycle
Close-up of coffee on table
Close-up of spider web
Full length of a boy looking at bubbles
People standing on street in city
Portrait of a young woman with blue eyes
High angle view of people on rock by river
Man with dog on rock
Group of people on shore against trees
Close-up portrait of a girl
Full length of man standing outside house in village
Full length of friends standing against wall
Portrait of woman with pink flower
Close-up of tea cup on table in restaurant
Portrait of smiling young woman against wall
Close-up portrait of a young woman
Close-up of ice cream over black background
Close-up of person holding ice cream
Multi colored pencils
People sitting outdoors
Rear view of women standing at home
Rear view of woman standing on bed at home
Young woman looking through window at home
Young woman sitting at home
Close-up of hand holding ice cream
Close-up of human eye
People sitting in train
Close-up of bread on table
Man standing in front of built structure
High angle view of houses in town against sky
High angle view of ship in sea
Close-up of yellow leaf
Close-up of illuminated lights at sunset
Close-up of dessert on table
Close-up of stack of man on table
Close-up of sushi in plate on table
Low section of man standing on floor
High angle view of man fishing in boat
Boys standing in traditional clothing
Children standing in traditional clothing
High angle view of agricultural field against sky
Close-up portrait of girl
Man with bicycle in city
Wicker basket with boat in background
Full length of boy on beach against sky
Young woman sitting outdoors
Man working in basket
Portrait of cat
Portrait of cat
Close-up portrait of cat
Close-up of cat sitting outdoors
High angle view of cat sitting
Close-up of cat eating food
Low section of man sitting on cat
Close-up portrait of young woman
Low angle view of silhouette woman flying against clear sky
Men playing at music concert
Full length of boy sitting on multi colored umbrellas
Rear view of people standing on the road
Panoramic shot of crowd at music concert
Close-up of hand holding ice cream cone
Trees on field
Young woman sitting in sea
Man splashing water in sea against sky
Portrait of young woman lying on water
Portrait of smiling young woman in water
Young woman in swimming pool
Silhouette landscape against clear sky during sunset
Silhouette man on field against sky at sunset
Children playing on beach against clear sky
Silhouette man walking on beach against sky during sunset
Man standing on beach against sky during sunset
Full length portrait of happy friends jumping
Full length portrait of boy walking
Full length of boy standing outdoors
Rear view of people sitting on mountain against sky
Close-up of hand holding leaf over white background
Close-up of red flower against blurred background
Men walking in city
Low section of friends standing outdoors
Young woman looking at sea against sky
Low section of people with hands
Close-up of hand holding leaf
Rear view of people walking on beach against sky
High angle view of children playing on beach
Portrait of young man standing on railing against sea
Close-up of wet leaf
People enjoying at beach against clear sky
Close-up of kitten