Christina Callisen

Generally inspired by the people around me and their everyday life. Capture, capture, capture...
Christina Callisen
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Trees in forest during foggy weather
Close-up of dog on field
Woman standing on grassy field
Scenic view of landscape with sea in background
Close-up of purple flowers blooming in field
Scenic view of waterfall
Low angle view of spiral staircase
View of parked parked against wall
Full length of woman walking in corridor
Low angle view of building
Scenic view of landscape at sunset
Wooden pier at sunset
Trees against clear blue sky
Close-up of horse on field
Illuminated buildings against sky at night
Sun shining through trees
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up portrait of young woman
Illuminated city at night
View of illuminated city at night
Railroad station platform
Portrait of young woman
Woman standing at night
Spiral staircase
Close-up of flowers at night
Close-up of cat looking away
Low angle view of suspension bridge over river
Close-up of guitar
Low angle view of escalator
Low angle view of bridge over river
Bare trees in forest
Low angle view of staircase
City lit up at night
Railroad track at night
City street at night
Low angle view of brick wall
City lit up at night