Wells Baum

Wells Baum (@bombtune) is a daily blogger who connects the dots between beats, culture, and technology. | Contact: wellsbaum@gmail.com
Wells Baum
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Rear view of man wearing red hat
Dog on fallen leaves during autumn
Close-up view of autumn leaves
Close-up of tree stump in forest
Close-up of sea
Built structure on floor at home
Close-up of rope tied up on sand
Close-up portrait of dog
Birds flying over river against clear blue sky
Low section of legs on sand
Reflection of trees in water
Reflection of trees in water
Shadow of city
Low section of woman with shadow on sunny day
Portrait of dog
Close-up of metal
Arrow sign on the ground
Low angle view of flags against clear blue sky
Portrait of dog on grass
Shadow of trees on beach against sky
Low angle view of clear sky
Scenic view of sea against dramatic sky
Low angle view of street light against sky
Close-up of dog on grassy field
Road amidst trees in forest
Close-up of window
Low section of person with dog swimming in lake
Close-up of human hand
High angle view of human hand
Low angle view of palm tree against blue sky
Low angle view of palm tree by window
High angle view of arrow sign
Close-up of bird on beach
Low angle view of palm trees against clear blue sky
Scenic view of sea against sky
Scenic view of beach against sky
Young woman playing with arms raised
Close-up of dog relaxing on sofa at home
Trees by road against sky
Dog swimming in lake
View of lush foliage
Trees in forest
Narrow stream along trees
Scenic view of trees against sky
Dog looking away on field
Empty parking lot
Plants and trees in park
Close-up of shutter
Dog relaxing at home
Silhouette of man in background
Footpath passing through forest
Close-up of woman sitting on bench
Dog on beach against sky
Trees in forest
Trees in forest
Close-up of turtle in aquarium
High angle view of crab on field
Plants against trees
Low angle view of illuminated palm trees
Red flowers hanging on tree
Close-up of silhouette person seen through window
Low angle view of palm trees
Low angle view of tree against sky
Plants growing on tree
Plants growing on tree
Close-up of fresh green plants
Close-up of pink flowers
Close-up of jellyfish in water
Close-up of trees
Full length of woman standing in pond
Trees and plants in yard
Car on road
Trees in park
Close-up of woman
Trees in forest
People walking on city street
View of road
Playground in park
View of illuminated lights
Closed door of building
Buildings in city against cloudy sky
View of building exterior
Close-up of building against sky
Buildings in city against sky
Chainlink fence
Buildings in city
View of buildings in city
View of building exterior
Portrait of young woman