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Image Copyright Is Alive and Well

We are now in a new era of visual, social, and digital marketing. Brands are defined by those who experience them, meaning the power and importance of visuals has reached an all-time high. With the combination of changing communication habits and a higher need for images, there are many new opportunities that are now open for businesses today.

Visually-based interfaces enable consumers to find information faster and simplify the buying process – both online and offline. As photography is becoming more crucial than ever before to the promotion of a product or service, it’s essential to ensure you are using visuals correctly and legally.

What is EyeEm’s Copyright Guide About?

Get Your Copyright Checklist

Our experts created a checklist to make your professional life easier. Get an overview of the key points that you shouldn't miss when using visuals correctly.

Understand the Copyright 101

Learn how to confront the many shades of grey regarding what is legally permissible. Our guide will ensure that all your images are on copyright.

How Images Improve Performance

This Whitepaper will outline the importance of visuals for your business, and the development of visual culture in today’s digital landscape.

The Full Report Includes:

  • Thoughts and insights from leading experts in the industry

  • Original infographics based on research conducted by PowerReviews, Visual Commerce 2017, ViSenze and more

  • Seven full-length chapters on copyright matters, including a breakdown of what is legally permissible

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