Your Week on EyeEm

By EyeEm Team - 6 min read

Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays. Enjoy!

Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays. Enjoy!

Thinking Wednesday… by Kaaren on EyeEm

Hey friends,

it’s been a busy week here at the EyeEm Studio in Berlin. Lisa joined our community team, Flo, Ramzi, Victor and Lukasz came back from theirHacking Safari in San Francisco and Matias came up with some really interesting stats on where people put their camera button in our iOS app.

What’s going on in the community

  • 6000 photos in 30 days.The Press finished production and printed more than 6000 of your photos at Format Festival in Derby, UK.
  • Inside the mosque. Sami Alranyam’s street photography from Kuwait.
  • The winner of our street mission: Window Shopping. Congrats to Rodney!
  • 10 tips & tricks for shooting great portraits
  • D-IVE Mobile Photo Festival is going down from April 19-21 in Barcelona. Come meet Severin and a couple of EyeEm Ambassadors there!
  • Take part in a mission

  • Nordic Light. Be part of the Un-Festival of Photography and Nordic Lights Festival in Kristiansund, Norway.
  • Rush Hour.1 day left to submit your photos and get featured on our blog.
  • Two of a kind. Get shooting for our street mission and win an EyeEm Goodie Pack.
  • Join an EyeEm Meetup

  • EyeEm Cairo Meetup (April 20)
  • EyeEm Barcelona Meetup (April 20)
  • EyeEm Mexico City Meetup (April 20)
  • EyeEm Atlanta Meetup (April 20)
  • EyeEm NYC Meetup (April 27)
  • EyeEm Denver Meetup (May 5)
  • Host your own EyeEm Meetup!
  • Awesome photos of the week. This time curated by Lisa from the community team.

    streetphotography by foocon on EyeEm


    streetphotography by Paoloski on EyeEm

    streetphotography at Cooper Triangle by Amy Trucks on EyeEm

    still life in Jakarta by pshycorock on EyeEm

    hipstamatic in Chiba-shi by alex on EyeEm

    NEM memories at Ferrara by Ilesmy on EyeEm


    blackandwhite in Jakarta by Ade Santora on EyeEm

    taken at Sandy Beach by Kelly Anderson on EyeEm

    Hanging out at Araoz de Lamadrid 522 by El Poulpo Libre on EyeEm

    WeAreJuxt at Liberdade by Fabs Grassi on EyeEm


    Traveling by Melanie on EyeEm

    streetphotography_bw at Ganga River by Alfred Pleyer on EyeEm

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