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By EyeEm Team - 6 min read

Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays. Enjoy!

Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays. Enjoy!


Taking Photos by CC Konikson on EyeEm

Hey friends,

We are so excited about this week’s EyeEm Ambassador update. We just added 27 new EyeEm Ambassadors to our network, which puts us at a total of 116 ambassadors in 80 cities and 34 countries. In other news,we are gearing up for Photo Hack Day round 3 which will take place June 1-2 at Platoon Kunsthalle in Berlin. Spots are going fast,so register now! Ramzi,Lars and Lisa visited re:publica – the conference about Web 2.0 and met some fascinating people. Hope you guys had a nice weekend ❤

What’s going on around the office?


Hello world at EyeEm HQ by EyeEm Team on EyeEm Giant breakfast on Monday in the HQ

at Rosenthaler Platz by Stephanie on EyeEm Severin photobombing the meeting with our new EyeEm Ambassador Victoria from Hamburg

What’s going on in the community?

  • Here is the recap of D-IVE Barcelona – Europe’s first Mobile Photography Conference
  • What was going on during our JR photowalk in Berlin “Wrinkles of the City”?
  • We picked the most fascinating submissions from our weekly mission “Power Lines”
  • The translations for Turkish, Thai, Arabic and Italian started off very well
  • Take part in a mission

  • Embrace the unexpected Keep it Blurry
  • Especially for Berliners: Get Hy! in Berlin
  • Join an EyeEm Meetup

  • EyeEm Lisbon Masterclass (May 11)
  • EyeEm San Francisco Meetup (May 19)
  • EyeEm Gothenburg Meetup (June 1)
  • Host your own Meetup!
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    motion by Immon on EyeEm


    NEM street at Shrine of Remembrance by Michelle Robinson on EyeEm



    Evius on EyeEm


    blue sky by kui on EyeEm

    young adult

    blackandwhite by Odrelom on EyeEm

    natural hair by Judith on EyeEm

    young adult

    airship in Tokyo by ASA on EyeEm


    keep it blurry at Venice Beach by Theresa Solis @LAfromaniphone on EyeEm


    Esso at Nürburgring by christoph wehrer on EyeEm


    TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) in Düsseldorf by Handyfotohandy on EyeEm


    cancer sucks by Simon Chan on EyeEm

    animal themes

    cats in Hong Kong by xnayerx on EyeEm

    high angle view

    StreetsWithPeople by Pedro Da Silva on EyeEm


    streetbw at Le Théatre Rialto by Mr Freakz on EyeEm



    Chi Chi on EyeEm

    tomato by niki* on EyeEm


    719_ on EyeEm

    Coin-operated binoculars and cloud

    Enjoying the View at Waimanelo by Paikura© on EyeEm

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