Your Japan: An Inside Look at the Nation Full of Surprises

By Lucy - 3 min read

Our very own Creative Director Gen curated an image collection from his native Japan

Japan is a country with a million different stories to tell. It’s also a country under the constant watch of the world’s photographers, desperate to see the urban chaos and cherry-blossomed landscapes through their very own lenses. And it’s a land that inspires travel fans to get out and see the world.

We asked young Japanese photographers and well-traveled adventurers alike to capture Japan in all its beauty and enter the results to the Ultimate Japan Mission. Our very own Creative Director, Gen Sadakane, curated a collection of his favorite shots (the top three are the ones he loved the most!) Here he is:

By Flo Meissner

Your Japan, an inside look at the nation full of surprises:

Sakura cherry blossom by YOSHIBOWORKS

A Japanese wedding by J.tang

The smoking room in Kanazawa-shi by TYLim

By Pierre Aden in Naha-shi

By Denise Kwong

Paper lanterns by yoshinari

By Hengki Lee in Tokyo

By Reiko K

By Benjamin van der Spek in Kyoto

By Upojenie

By Mori Hodel in Nishio

Header image by @yoshiboworks.

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