The Park by Bart Weener on EYE’EM

Hi everyone

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as we did while checking out the results for our “living spaces” competition. The photos in this post are the ones with the most likes and views by other EYE’EM users during the week of the competition (not all-time faves/views). By the way, we are currently working on an exciting new way  of running competitions on EYE’EM  which will lead to more fun, transparency and excitement for all of us! Stay tuned! For now: Congrats to all winners. Your photos will be part of an exciting group exhibition hosted by Freie Universität Berlin next week.

The theme is analog and digital living spaces and how they influence one another. The show is hosted by  the Institute of the Arts and Media Management and starts on December 7th at the E-Plus capital offices 7pm, Unter den Linden 10 in Berlin Mitte. Among others you will see photographs by Robert Eikelpoth, installations by Constantin Hartenstein,  as well as extracts of a very interesting architecture project of the University of the Arts Berlin called “Extracts of local distance”. We will keep you posted during the night with photos of the event on our Facebook page!

Museum in Black and White by Jordi V. Pou (Kokovoko) on EYE’EM

EMP and Space Needle by Dixon Hamby on EYE’EM

cat feet fog by karri allrich on EYE’EM

Rounded Spaces by Fabio De Vincentiis on EYE’EM

[ spaced ] by jesse wright on EYE’EM

Platform by ARCH @iPhone on EYE’EM

autumn picnic space by jana shea on EYE’EM

on water by Moon Rabbit on EYE’EM

On the Curvy Steps by Dave Weekes on EYE’EM

Miniature destruction by Gusbano on EYE’EM

Escalate by Gary Cohen on EYE’EM

TITLE by Xavier Reyé on EYE’EM

Harajuku HDR by ARCH @iPhone on EYE’EM

who’s there? by Colonel Cody on EYE’EM

RAIN WALKING by momo chen on EYE’EM

Building by Fabio De Vincentiis on EYE’EM

Seafront by Tony Platt on EYE’EM

by Xavier Reyé on EYE’EM

Through a Spiders Eyes by Lindsey Thompson on EYE’EM