When Adventure Meets Photography: Introducing EyeEm Adventures

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Feeling adventurous? So are we! Join EyeEm Adventures.

A few weeks ago, some of the EyeEm team decided spontaneously to have an adventure at Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in former East Berlin. It was super cool, kind of creepy and a completely brilliant place to take awesome, unique photos.

Then we thought, “Wait, all around the world there are cool, unique places, perfect for photographic adventures!” And with that, EyeEm Adventures was born.

Now, it’s your turn. Host an EyeEm Adventure and get your very own Adventure bag!

Low angle view of a young man walking on wooden surface against trees

By Matias Castello

Let’s get started. How to host YOUR own EyeEm Adventure
It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

  • Pick a special, secret, amazing or downright unusual location you always wanted to explore
  • Whether it’s an abandoned amusement park, a magical forest or a completely breathtaking urban landscape, there are no fixed rules about what is and is not allowed – only that it should be unique to your area, safe and awesome to photograph. Figure out where and when you want to go.

  • Invite your friends
  • EyeEm Adventures are only fun when the community joins in. Post about it on EyeEm, set up a Facebook event, tweet about it, knock on doors, do some sky-writing. Whatever you need to do to rustle up a gang of fellow fun seekers!

  • Let us know!
  • Email Cat and she will send you digital high fives, help promote your Adventure and send you a one-of-a-kind EyeEm Adventure bag for carrying all your essential adventure goodies and supplies.

    EyeEm Adventures in Berlin and San Francisco

    There’s two EyeEm Adventures already waiting for you to join. Get started right here:

    Saturday, 16 August 2014
    Berlin EyeEm Adventure – The Abandoned Spy Tower

    Join Berlin Ambassadors Moritz, Steffi and EyeEm Team members as they explore Teufelsberg, an abandoned spy tower in the West of Berlin.

    Sunday, 17 August 2014
    San Francisco EyeEm Adventure – The Cable Car Museum

    Join our very own Flo, Markus and Drew in San Francisco. Their target: The SF Cable Car Museum. Don’t miss out on this one.

    What are you waiting for?

    Grab your cameras, get your bag and go on an EyeEm Adventure. Once you’ve set up your location, date and route, email us so we can get you equipped.

    We can’t wait to see your photos!


    By Maddie

    By Markus Spiering

    Side view portrait of female ride operator at theme park

    By Matias Castello

    By Maddie


    By Markus Spiering

    By Markus Spiering

    By EyeEm Team

    Header image by Matias Castello

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