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What Photo Buyers Want: The Color Of Sport

By Jonathon - 2 min read

Image buyers are loving brightly colored sport shots. Here’s how to get in on the trend…

Image buyers want colorful, eye-catching visuals. That’s why we’re launching the What Photo Buyers Want: The Color Of challenge, with 4 Missions over the next 4 weeks. Remember to focus on dominant colors, bright edits and a strong composition. Let’s go!

The first The Color Of Mission is all about sport. Not sure what to shoot? Here are some ideas:

• A blue swimming pool complete with abstract waves
• The neon green of a playground under the sun
• A sporty friend in action against a brightly colored backdrop
• The melancholic orange-green of a tennis court in fall light
• …and all within a strong, well-constructed layout!

Get in on the trend! Upload your colorful sport shots to EyeEm, add them to Market and use the tag The Color Of Sport by September 14 2016. Not only will you make your profile more attractive to image buyers, but the best photographer will get an EyeEm goodie bag complete with magazines and a t-shirt!

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Don’t forget: All identifiable people within your photos will need to give their permission before you can sell them. They can do this by signing model releases. The same goes for artwork, logos and protected designs – you’ll need to get the permission of the owner of this intellectual property. (What are releases? Find out here!)

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Header image by @urbanpoetry.