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What Photo Buyers Want: The Color of Business

By Maddie - 2 min read

Brands and media want colorful photos of work life. Upload something sellable today!

Image buyers want colorful, eye-catching visuals. That’s why for the month of September we’re challenging you with a series of missions titled What Photo Buyers Want: The Color of.

This Mission tackles the well-known, but not oft-seen side of business. What colors are reflected in your job? Capture your interpretation of work life, businesspeople, workspaces and places in all their vibrant glory.

Remember to focus on dominant colors, bright edits and a strong composition. Read these editing tips before you start!

Get in on the trend! Upload your colorful technology shots to EyeEm, add them to Market and use the tag The Color of Business by October 5, 2016. Not only will you make your profile more attractive to image buyers, but the best photographer will get an EyeEm goodie bag complete with magazines and a t-shirt!

Not on EyeEm Market yet? Join here, and you’ll be on your way to selling photos straight from your profile.

Header image by @Twistdee.