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What Photo Buyers Want: Interior Style

By Jonathon - 2 min read

How to take photos of interiors with selling potential on EyeEm Market

This new Mission is for photographers selling their photos on EyeEm Market. Not one of them? Everyone’s invited! Sign up today and start making your work available for brands to license.

Show off your Interior Style! Whether it’s cosy and comforting home architecture photography or shots of simple-yet-spacious living areas, read these easy tips for selling success on EyeEm Market:

– Wide angle shots are preferred.
– Well exposed spaces sell more frequently than unclear ones.
– Larger focal points sell more than shallow apertures.
– Cleaner, more organized living areas tend to hold higher EyeEm Market value.
– Homes that look lived-in perform better than stock-style hotel room shots.

One lucky winner will get their hands on an EyeEm goodie bag!

Don’t forget: You’ll need the permission of property owners of distinctive furniture designs, brand names and logos in your photos before you can sell it. Property owners can do this by signing a property release. (What are releases? Find out here!) The same goes for identifiable people, who need to give their permission before you can sell the photo. Our guide to Photo Editing for EyeEm Market will help you get your shots Market-ready!

Not on EyeEm Market yet? Join here, and you’ll be on your way to selling photos straight from your profile.

Header image by @niklasskur.

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