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What Photo Buyers Want: Festivals

By xavier - 2 min read

Give your portfolio a touch of magic and attract image buyers with this trend

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We’re flying through the festival season – which makes it the perfect time to boost your profile with some in-demand shots! Upload festival photos to EyeEm, add them to Market and use the tag Festival Season by Thursday 18th August. The winner will get an EyeEm goodie bag! Not sure where to start? Read these tips…

From my point of view.

Recent sales reports show that buyers love entertainment photos, especially when these are taken from the viewer’s point of view. Let your photos reflect your experience at the festival!

Young woman making heart shape against sun

Use light to create silhouettes.

When it’s getting dark, even more photography opportunities come to life! Shoot against the sunset and get silhouettes of people around you.

Silhouette people standing on field against clear orange sky

You are the crowd!

Buyers love how real EyeEm photos are. Here’s an idea: Capture the crowd around you with their hands in the air and wait for the perfect light to snap the perfect photo!

People enjoying at street at night

Every moment counts.

From camping in muddy fields to eating street food, document everyday life at a festival!

Inside in tent

Don’t forget: All identifiable people in your photos need to give their permission before you can sell the photo. They can do this by signing a model release. (What are releases? Find out here!) The same goes for brand names, logos and distinctive designs in your photos. Our guide to Photo Editing for EyeEm Market will help you get your shots Market-ready!

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Header image by @Tenebrogg.