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Wake Me Up Before You Go Go: 20 Images of Your Morning Rituals

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Check out the best photos from our mission to discover your morning routines

Maybe you find crawling out of bed challenge enough, or are you up at dawn to catch the early surf? We invited the morning birds and the night owls to take part in our latest mission with The Huffington Post, called simply Morning Rituals. From grabbing a cup of coffee and walking the dog, to brushing your teeth and running to catch the train – you showed us a wonderfully broad selection of the activities which mark the start of your day.

Congratulations! These photographs will appear in the Moving Image series on The Huffington Post, as well as in Huffington, the iPad Magazine.


By 心中的轮回

full length

By Indra Widi

Portrait of young woman

By Dina


By A n d r e w L a z a r

food and drink

By Anni


By Sasha Dudkina


By Flora

low section

By Soierie


By Ona Lange

By Alejandro

food and drink

By Meaa


By Jo Fo


By be


By Osmanbey’in Hanımı


By Ketty

By Takaya wafa


By Tamim S


By Badgerboi


By Nikstar

Close-up of book with coffee cup at home

By Vakarėja

Thank you all for participating in this mission! Find other ongoing missions in the Missions tab of the app.

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