Urban Renewal: “The Changing City” Mission Winners

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Presenting the 35 striking winners of this Mission with the San Francisco Chronicle…

Gentrification:Love it or hate it, it’s changing the look and feelof citiesaround the world. SoEyeEm teamed up withtheSan Francisco Chronicleto launchThe Changing City,which challengedphotographers to share imagesthat discuss this very topic.Edgy cafés, urban architecture, arty fashion: This Mission had it all!

We are delighted to announce thatthere were a total of 35 winners chosen by EyeEm and San Francisco Chronicle photo editors. These photographerswill have their images displayed in the San Francisco Chronicle’s photo column, The Take, with full credits and links to theirEyeEm profiles! They will also beexhibited in San Francisco. Congratulations!

“The Changing City” Mission Winners!

By Andrew Hays

By J.Ōta

By Rodin1960

By tom shower

By Maria Jose Sucre

By tom shower

By Markus Spiering

By Markus Spiering

By Daniel Truta

By Nathan Goldenzweig-mobile

By Flora

By flyfish

By jazzy❕

By Anthony Tulliani

By Harry

By Evelyne Sieber

By Joanna

By Anthony Tulliani

By Fred Icke

By Victorino García C.

By Roshan Menon

By Anthony Tulliani

By Marcela Fae

By Luis Enero

By Christian

By Junya Suzuki

By Christian

By Tomáš Vohryzka

By Alfredo Lietor

By Sarah Butler

By Fred Icke

By Dagoberto Martínez

By Merethe Svarstad Eeg

By Glenn Homann

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