Up, Up & Away: 12 Spectacular Drone Photos That’ll Make You Look Twice

By Lucy - 3 min read

Our collaboration with DJI surfaced some truly incredible drone photos

Welcome to the drone age! Drones are changing the face of photography and we’re all for it – those once impossible shots are now so easy to take. Our favorite drone photos are ones like those below: Photos that capture perfectly normal day-to-day scenes from incredible new angles. Don’t you agree?

This collection was curated from photos entered into A Bird’s Eye View, a DJI x EyeEm Mission. And what superb results! Congratulations to the 12 photographers featured below and to Sean Byrne, winner of a DJI Phantom 4!

No drone? No worries! Get some tips and tricks on drone-free aerial photography in our guide to Shooting from Above.

By Alexandra in Nazaré, Portugal

By Andrius Aleksandravičius in Kaunas, Lithuania

By Yang Wang

By Dmitri Popov in Aarhus, Denmark

By Jay Glass in Mojave, United States

By winner Sean Byrne on a glacier in Iceland

By Merlin Kafka in Reykjavik, Iceland

By Jeff Frandsen

By Reese Lassman in Detroit, United States

By Keitz Aquino at Maniwaya Island in Santa Cruz, Philippines

By Gaz Powell at Capodokia in Douglas, Isle of Man

By Caleb Poe in Powell, United States

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Header photo by @byrnephotography.