True Blue: 11 Picture Perfect Azure Adventures

By Brada - 3 min read

See the winners of our Blue Wave Mission with Honor

The color blue and adventure photography go hand in hand. And it’s no wonder! From cloudless skies to bottomless oceans, the azure hue makes us want to get out and play.

EyeEm photographers are going to extreme lengths to get that perfect blue shot, jumping high and diving deep in stunning landscapes and challenging shooting conditions. The results? Breathtaking blue photography.

Whet your appetite for adventure photography with these 11 blue photos:

Mission winner dan sealey in Greece

Mission winner Syarifah

Mission winner M E L in St. Ulrich, Italy

Runner-up Jostein Brede Røer Nilsen in Norway

Runner-up Torsten Schramm

Runner-up paolo

Runner-up Benjamin van der Spek in the Galapagos Islands

Runner-up ☀️doni tombolato⭐️🇮🇹🇪🇸 in Spain

Runner-up Katarina Gavrilica

Runner-up George Zoumas in Astypalaia, Greece

Runner-up Joost Lagerweij in Fajã da Ovelha, Portugal

The pictures above were picked as the winners of our Blue Wave Mission with Honor, a leading mobile device e-brand under Huawei. Congratulations to @Mittfrau, @syarifahmcdonough and @dansealey, whose photos have won them Honor phones!

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Header image by@St3i.

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