The Winning Shots from the SuperNormal Mission

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Who won in our latest mission with Owl Optics?

Our recent photo mission with Owl Optics was all about capturing the SuperNormal. The SuperNormal image is minimal, simple, classic. We challenged you to find the beauty in the basic, and keep an eye out for good lines, block colors and simple designs.

The results were spectacular. We’re delighted to announce the winners of a stylish pair of Owl sunglasses are Barbara Moreira, たぬこ (Tanuko) and Alejandro Velez. Great job!



By barbara moreira


By たぬこ (Tanuko)

full frame

By Alejandro Velez

Well done to everyone who took part! The full range of submissions can be seen in the SuperNormal album on EyeEm, but in the meantime, enjoy these hand-selected highlights.


By Alex

Full frame of windows

By Leah G


By Adri4nna


By Vilma Muños

Interior of paseo durango

By Carlos Angel

By Kathin

no people

By Snev


By yoyoijonk


By ferero


By donatella

By Shunsuke Miyatake

Directly below shot of power lines against sky

By Wulf

High angle view of staircase leading to door in building

By Gabriele


By allyssa


By David Rodriguez


By Barbie

full frame

By Treasure Cay


By Tegan Little


By ruhrgebiet

full frame

By Dirk Muthoff

Exterior of modern building against clear blue sky

By David

no people

By Vivian Brockman

By Rowela Beck

By Maximilian Schulz

copy space

By Abigail R

Low angle view of roof against clear sky

By Nicolás

copy space

By Ms Sue

Person having coffee and donut

By jazzy❕

full frame

By TeoChap


By emre

As you can see, there really were some exceptional submissions! If you would like to take part in a mission, check out the missions tab in the app for more details. If you want to give us any feedback, or just say hi, you can contact us on Facebook or send us a tweet.

Header Image by @Rotbok

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