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Here’s your weekly dose of the best of EyeEm

Did you see that we released a beautiful new update for our iOS app? And launched four great new missions with Foursquare, Huffington Post, WhiteWall and Getty Images. We’re so excited to finally share with you what we’ve been working on for months.

We hope you enjoyed your week as much as we enjoyed ours. Here’s to another great one!

Current Missions

Where do you swarm?
Win $300 to spend on a night out
What does peace look like to you?
Get your photos featured in stories on Huffington Post
RePicture Femininity with Getty Images
Your photo featured on InFocus by Getty Images
Supersize Yourself with WhiteWall
Have your photo printed and displayed at the prestigious Photokina image fair

Song of the Week

Happy Sunday!


By Annа Romanova

Ferris wheel against clear sky

By Avi

rear view

By Taru

By Mitchell


By Hendrik Altmeyer


By Lorenzo Viola


By Céline

Dog is waiting for someone

By Danijel Radumilo

By Maximilian Schulz


By ssuppy


By mono

Garbage cans with traffic cones on grassy field against sky

By Isaac Feldman


By Katarina

animal themes

By Ola


By Danielle Reid

By Radu704

large group of people

By Indra Widi


By Daniel Hofmann

Cropped image of woman holding trolley full of plastic bags on cobble street

By raymond tanhueco


By Damian Nowosadzki

Congratulations to @annromanova @tarulp @mitchellflores @theoceaniam @lorenzoviolone @DanijelRadumilo @maximilian_schulz @sugurunarita7 @mono @isaacfeldman @Katarina1 @OllaMo @daniellereid @Radu704 @indrawidi @danielhofmann @monski2912 @damiannow @emotivepixels07 for having your beautiful photos featured this week!

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