Father And Son by Gerard Godin on EYE’EM

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday! Some of you might already be familiar with this new category on our blog: In “The week on EYE’EM!” we will be featuring a collection of outstanding photography created with mobile phone cameras submitted throughout the past week. Welcome to all the new EYE’EM folks, that signed up! Take a look! This is great stuff! And there will be more next weekend!

Best regards from Berlin,

Your EYE’EM Team

Growin’ up in Barakstad by Yves Timmermans on EYE’EM

Tokyo tower by Ban Ban on EYE’EM

Platform by ARCH @iPhone on EYE’EM

Apartments by pod kozo on EYE’EM

Jimi @ Woodstock by Brian Knoblock on EYE’EM

Good Morning! #spaces by Emily Bemily on EYE’EM

H by Luca Pedrotti on EYE’EM

Old Man At Crossroads by Laura Peischl on EYE’EM

At the SwankoLab #1 by Tetsuya Shimoyama on EYE’EM

Museum in Black and White by Jordi V. Pou (Kokovoko) on EYE’EM

Twins by fufufuu on EYE’EM

Sammy by Lindsey Thompson on EYE’EM

Some girl at my office by fufufuu on EYE’EM

rays by kou hattori on EYE’EM

3 x Trees by Lene.Siebert on EYE’EM

United We Stood # 3 by Gerard Godin on EYE’EM

Back Alley # 3 by Gerard Godin on EYE’EM

Apogy by Gerard Godin on EYE’EM

NYC Stormfront by Robert Yaskovic on EYE’EM