The True Lives of Millennials, Captured on Film

By Brada - 3 min read

They might be the first generation to grow up in a digitized world, but millennials are increasingly finding their creative expression in film formats.

Far from their passive reputation, millennials are turning out to be a real creative force in photography. Not only have they refined the art of digital photography, they’ve also defined the genre of mobile photography – all while embracing the nostalgic quality of film.

“Taking analog pictures stands in contrast to the fast pace characterizing the digital world.”

“Film is a medium less for recording situations and more for artistically seeing the world”, an EyeEm community member recently explained to us. Taking analog pictures stands in harsh contrast to the fast pace characterizing the digital world – and produces pictures that appear more lifelike than their slick digital equivalents.

We’ve seen a steady stream of film photos being uploaded to our platform – a reflection of this new wave in photography as well as a growing appetite for the look among image buyers.

“There’s more to millennials than meets the eye.”

But first and foremost, these photos show that there’s more to millennials than what meets the eye. Just like the generations before them, they are looking for ways to express themselves – and by choosing film to do it, they’re balancing out the pace of technological progress that dominates our age.

Header image by @Nikos.