The Top Shots from the Great Outdoors Mission with Adobe

By Cherrie - 3 min read

10 awe-inspiring landscapes picked by EyeEm & Adobe photo editors

Mother nature, you beauty! To so many photographers, the great outdoors is the ultimate inspiration. And if you look at the photos below, you’ll realize exactly why! From impossibly clear waters to untouched woodland, these guys have gone off the beaten track and taken their cameras with them, every step of the way.

The Great Outdoors With Adobe was a Mission dedicated to the devastating beauty of the natural world – all to celebrate the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Photographers were asked to use Lightroom mobile to edit their images and make them unique, either by adjusting the haze, enhancing the color, shadow or clarity – or adding artistic effects With three one-year memberships up for grabs! Let’s see who won – and who was in the shortlist.

Rear view of a man jumping on landscape

By Vidar Østmo


Congratulations! Winning photo by Hùy Hồ

Man walking at beach against sky

By Jacob Ychye

Man photographing sunset over landscape

By 阿强CaptainQ1989

Rear view of person holding flashlight on field against star field

By Benjamin Lee

Rear view of person standing amidst crops on field against sky

Congratulations! Winning photo by Gryllus Minimus

Scenic view of lake and mountains

Congratulations! Winning photo by Mukhtar

Scenic view of lake against cloudy sky

By Florin

Scenic view of mountains against cloudy sky

By Brad S Cook

Scenic view of snow covered mountains against sky

By johnnyrsj

About Adobe: We teamed up with Adobe – known for the world’s best photography tools for organizing, editing and sharing – for this Mission. With the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan you can craft incredible images, whether you’re a beginner or pro. Sync everything across the web and your mobile devices. It’s all your photography, all in one place.

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