The Top 5 Images from the RePicture Femininity Mission

By Maddie - 3 min read

The most forward thinking and groundbreaking photos from the latest mission in the RePicture series

RePicture Femininity, our latest mission in cooperation with Getty Images, just wrapped up. The photos you submitted were absolutely brilliant and really demonstrated how femininity in the modern world is different and evolving. Ready to meet the winners?

Congratulations to @YannickDesmet @emerosa @ralfmalf @wafatakaya @Borroni

These 5 images will be featured on InFocus by Getty Images, Getty’s platform for sharing the stories behind the photos.

By Yannick Desmet Photography

By Emelina

By Raffaele Cavicchi

By Takaya wafa

By Hebe

Don’t miss the other images that made it to the shortlist. These photographers did a beautiful job of repicturing femininity.

By Oliver

By Michael Daffy Färber

By Melissa da Costa

By Kay

By Edmund Koh

By Leti

By Aubrey

By barry

By Andrei Nikonorov

By DzC Photographics

By Mia

By Enrica Brescia

By Amarilda Dedgjonaj

By Karabo Mooki

By Alexa

By Alexander Supertramp

By Nugraha Kusuma

By Cecilia Hoyo

By tesnim

By Emma Cerisier

By Carlo Zamora

Want to see more? Then check out the RePicture Femininity album.

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