A few weeks ago we released an app that aimed to revolutionize the way we find our best photos, The Roll. As just announced on stage at WWDC 2016, Apple’s worldwide developer conference, The Roll will be one of the first apps to deeply integrate with Siri by combining speech recognition with EyeEm’s aesthetic rank technology.

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Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, showcasing The Roll at #WWDC2016

Speak to your camera roll

Launching with iOS 10 within the next few weeks, Siri will allow you to find the best photos on your iPhone simply by saying commands like, “Hey Siri, show me photos with my friends from last month,” or “Hey Siri, what’s my best food photo from Paris last week?”

The Roll uses EyeEm Vision, our advanced image recognition technology, to identify, keyword and rank images on your camera roll. By integrating with Apple’s new Siri, you can literally speak to your camera roll to find your best photos identified by our aesthetic score technology, recognize your talent and do more with photography.

search screen
The Roll automatically opens after you made your voice command, highlighting your best photos identified by EyeEm Vision’s aesthetic rank technology

EyeEm Vision meets Siri

Combining groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology with a human and easy-to-use interface, intelligent assistants like Siri are paving the way for naturally interacting with the devices that seamlessly become part of our daily lives.

The Roll is one of the first apps to integrate with the new Siri and we’re incredibly excited to be part of this journey. Put simply, you’ll spend less time searching scrolling and more time shooting.

The new feature will be available with iOS 10 in the next few weeks. You can download the current version for free exclusively on the App Store.

Download the roll

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Congrats to the following photographers whose images were featured on stage at #WWDC2016: @theskyinside, @techcraft, @xana69, @luanito, @mrawesome3, @divamargorenee, @Jkunstman, @anthony_medina, @SunshineBecky, @MikeGerm, @brorstore, @TakaseRyo, @KerinForstmanis, @junic and @sandramedkameran