The New Talents Gallery: The 12 Photographers on our Wall in September

By Johanna - 4 min read

See the shots picked for the walls of our Berlin office this month.

We recently introduced you to The EyeEm New Talents Gallery, our new mission to exhibit EyeEm’s freshest talents on the walls of our Berlin & NYC offices. Some of the photographers we feature never have had their work exhibited before.

For the Septemberedition, photo curator Bradaselected the incredible work of 12 new faces. Find out who – and see their work on the walls – below!

The 12 new talents exhibited this month

New month, new talents! For the second edition, exhibitedat our EyeEm Studio Berlin, we selected the following talents: @cgioux,@TanyaTodaro,@amylidgett,

“This month we decided to focus on ‘Sisterhood’ as the theme for the exhibition. The photos I picked are a representation not just of what women and girls might like, but are meant to represent the way they see the world, themselves, and togetherness.”

Brada, EyeEm photo editor.

Congratulations to everyone selected!


By Tanya Todaro

By Amy Lidgett

By Riya Kishnani

By Юля Драцька

By Frver16

By May Neuman

By Abigail Liebenberg

By Hbak

By Niklas Linzer

By MonkeyPrince

By Ellie

You could be next!

Here’s how you can get exhibited:
Join EyeEm to get exhibited in Berlin or New York. We’re considering everyone who joined from September 1 to October 1 for our nextselection. Simply tag your photos with “Fresh on EyeEm,” and you might have your photos exhibited soon.

Want to visit us and check out the exhibition yourself? Just tweet us and we’ll be happy to show you around. Our doors are always open.

Header image by @Hbak