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The Last Days Of Summer

By EyeEm Team - 2 min read

Enjoy the last of the summer sun, as we share the highlights and reveal who won in the Summer Views Mission with Entertainment Masterclass.

With Autumn lurking just around the corner, we’re determined to enjoy the last few days of summer. And, judging by your submissions to the Summer Views Mission, so are you!

There were thousands of gorgeous, dreamy, sunshine-drenched images of beaches, meadows, sunsets – you name it, we saw it! We’re delighted to announce that urban poetry was selected by Entertainment Masterclass as the overall winner. Congratulations, urbanpoetry, you’ve won a scholarship to the forthcoming Developing Formats Masterclass in Berlin.

Not ready to say goodbye to summer yet? Us neither. Keep scrolling to enjoy a few of our other sunny highlights from this summery mission!


High angle view of person swimming in water

By urban poetry

Rear view of boy amidst plants on field against sky

By urban poetry

Rear view of man walking on wheat field

By urban poetry

Image Collection


By restingbird_


By laia

Young woman swimming underwater

By Alnilam


By Francesco Sambati

copy space

By raset


By Giovi G

By yoonicole


By Eygabroad

High angle view of people relaxing at beach

By Macagnino Roberto

one person

By Ria Kim

Low angle view of chain swing ride in amusement park

By KETTY 🌻EyeEm Ambassador

Directly above shot of cherry tomatoes in saucepan

By Elizabeth Schierbeek

real people

By Simon

Side view of young woman with tousled hair in boat over sea

By Niklas Bonnen

High angle view of girls sitting on lakeshore

By Laura Katarina

Well done to everyone who took part! If you’d like to see your photo in an EyeEm Image Collection, check out our Missions tab in the app. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or EyeEm – we’re always happy to hear from you!

Header Image by Francesco Sambati

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