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Exclusive Look Into The International Women’s Day 2021 Color Catalog

By Ellen Clipson - 2 min read

Free to download and filled with breathtaking photographs shot by women around the globe. The International Women’s Day Color Catalog is a unique resource for you to join the conversation about gender representation and the call for better visual storytelling.

At the core of everything we do here at EyeEm, is our conviction that creativity is a tool for breaking stereotypes, changing mindsets, and sparking the conversations that matter. We have released the International Women’s Day 2021 Color Catalog to celebrate diversity, empower individuality, and honor the incredible talent of our global community of photographers.

Download your free #IWD21 color catalog to join the conversation and celebrate International Women’s Day 2021.

What is the International Women’s Day Color Catalog?

Our team has created this unique free resource that brings together a breathtaking collection of photographs and thought-provoking insights from female creatives so that you can be inspired and challenged to broaden visualizations of the ‘female identity.’

As a brand that represents millions of creative minds, we know that it is our responsibility to create space for united women to share their unique perspectives.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 and honor the incredible talent within our community, we present this collection of breathtaking photography shot by female creatives that are determined to change mindsets and paint a better picture of the women of the world.

“…if we asked women how much they feel represented by the advertising world, the answer wouldn’t be satisfying”

- Fabiana, EyeEm Visual Designer

Join us in celebrating the broad spectrum of female identity through the exploration of color. In the same way that different color palettes can deepen narratives and highlight new angles, we hope that these pages will inspire you to use your platform differently in 2021.

With photography as one of many unique lenses, help us show the women of the world that we have understood our collective responsibility to tell their stories

Celebrate International Women’s Day by downloading your free color catalog here.

“We’re committed to creating space for sharing perspectives that reinforce the need for photography when it comes to being at the forefront of social change”

- Matthias Schaefer, EyeEm Head of Marketing

Are you a brand looking for ways to empower female creative talent? From image licensing to full-service photo and video shoots, tell our team about your upcoming projects and we will connect you with the best professional creatives for the job.