The Ground Beneath Our Feet: The Best of the Floortraits Mission

By EyeEm Team - 2 min read

Check out the highlights from our recent photo mission

Floortraits are a fun and easy shot for photographers at any skill level. Assembled into a collection, they also show us the rich diversity of the world on which we tread; from water to woodland and from mud to metal, the spectrum and variety of the land we walk on is enormous.

The full Floortraits album is a brilliant portrait of the ground beneath our feet and absolutely worth checking out. In the meantime, enjoy our image collection of the best bits from this playful mission! Well done to everyone who took part!

High angle portrait of deer standing on street

By Roy

By analogue eyes

By Louis

By G.O

By Alexander The Great

By Arkadia

Low section of man standing by swimming pool

By Anthony Dall’Agnol

By G.O

Low section of person standing on fur surface

By Diana Timchur

Low section of woman holding red hibiscus with leg on grass

By Takaya wafa

By Michael Jay

Low section of man sitting on surrounding wall by lake

By Farhan Hussain

By wonderland

By ✨Sandra✨

By G.O

By Nicolle Bennett

Low section of woman against mountains and cloudy sky


By Cheila Venusa


By Ola G.

By Panitz

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Header Image by @timchur