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The Fans Take Center Stage At The Photographers Gallery

By EyeEm Team - 5 min read

See which photos will be exhibited at The Photographers Gallery, London, from the mission The Fan Club.

The word fan originally came from the word ‘fanatic’, which is someone who is filled with excessive and single-minded zeal. If our mission with The Photographers’ Gallery, The Fan Club, is anything to go by, well, yes… we can see that!

We’re delighted to announce that Rytis Šeškaitis was selected as the overall winner by the jury at The Photographers Gallery. Well done, Rytis, you have won an Impossible Instant Lab!


By Rytis Šeškaitis

Other photos have been selected to be exhibited, with full credits, at the We Want More exhibition in London from September 16 -30. Well done to monix9, Stevenbeijer, sinansaglam, unwoodsxiubhee, jasminkaemmerer, restack, broonyco, MichaelMoeller, menwe, papapol, thorg, Funkmybean, jacklycat, norskate, ivanferdian, RobinLDN, nazirazhari, jpe145, arthurvancutsem, elisabetgrill, tuulikaeramaa, aquilaneratr, Barruz, jorgesato, asyrafrasid, ameenarojee, maryappicscollection, marcopmsantos, laurenmarek, maxkrusecreative, CapturingDaily, Charakterwert, corbeaunana, silviacasaliadartee, PaulMoore, IvanSoto, bordsteinphoto, juliaduchauffour, ninnardz, rachelvice, ingmarfey, evi_xoxo, Qphoto, benji_watson, TedVanPelt, dafred, AnitadeRitter, tomaradzeK8, sevaj, senor_codo, Qphoto, habibaravena, NDPhotofraphy, calikidraul, rutmann, diegoreindel, FireProofCat, dianeallford, zoeinsummer, ElisaRec, lianneawilliams, dinalf, owenleidner, reza_toedjoeh, deanblottogray, tavepongpratoomwong, TristanClard, polquemp, myst09, Th3Visualist, NicoleGreen1, memoryKeeper, rattl, DanielOakes and chiararicciotti5, who will all have images exhibited. Interested? See some of the best and find out more details here.

Image Collection

By monix

By Chiara Ricciotti

By Steven A.J. Beijer

By Sinan Sağlam

By Un’Woods Xiu Bh’ee

By John 🇬🇧

By Jorge Sato

By Jayvee Mataro

By Lauren Marek

By Ann

By Nina

By Dean Blotto Gray

By Nina D

By a f u

By Elisa Rec

Well done to everyone who took part! If you’d like to see your photo in an EyeEm Image Collection, check out our Missions tab in the app. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or EyeEm – we’re always happy to hear from you!

Header image by Chiara Ricciotti

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