Last week, The EyeEm World Tour kicked off in Paris and San Francisco. Showing the most outstanding images from this year’s EyeEm Awards and bringing together local photography buffs, creatives and friends. We had a fantastic time connecting over good music, chilled drinks and inspiring conversations.

Here’s the inside scoop straight from the ground:

Paris: November 13 – November 15

From Severin

November 13, 7:01 PM: The last frame just got hung up at our gallery space at NUMA. As the tech & culture hub of the city, lots of people are already at the space, looking at what we were doing, wondering what the photos are all about and getting into the mood. Bit by bit, the first community members started arriving.

Bonjour @jubuesque! Julien organized most of our Paris Meetups the last few years. Hello Gilles and Xavier! These two guys already contributed amazing pictures to the very first EyeEm Awards back in 2010. Salut @albaneewing! Albane helped translate EyeEm into French. Hallo @discretincognito, Céline, Sébastien, @superchinois801, @juanzero, Victor hello everyone! So good to see all of you!

November 15, 2:49PM: The EyeEm Masterclass at the EyeEm Photographer’s Apartment is in full gear. Jörg Brüggemann and Tobias Kruse from Ostkreuz, Germany’s most famous photo agency, are sharing their stories. Questions, discussions, arguments follow. What does it take to tell a story in images? Is everyone a photojournalist nowadays? How does photo sharing impact news reportage? This and much more was discussed at our Masterclass with local community members, photographers, editors and journalists.

Thank you for joining us!







2014-11-15 15.27.39

2014-11-15 14.54.32


San Francisco: Friday, November 14, 2014

From Markus

Our event in San Francisco was quite special: We celebrated not only the arrival of the World Tour in the US, but also the opening of our San Francisco presence and office. When we went out and looked for a space in California, we wanted to find something that incorporates both: an area to work, but also a great space for the local photography community.

At 5 PM we opened the doors. The paint on the walls was almost still fresh, the latest vinyl records with Berlin-style electronic music arrived just a few minutes before we started. We welcomed a lot of the local community members, like @jimperdue14 who organized our latest San Francisco meetup. More and more familiar faces came: Hello @whitclick, @docpop and @lisbetho! We also met photographers like @stanley who is sharing his great photography on EyeEm.

With the San Francisco event, we feel that we really arrived in the Bay Area and are planning to open up the exhibition multiple times in the next couple of weeks for you to come by. Just follow us on Twitter to find out when.

Markus Spiering






Markus Spiering

Want to join us at The EyeEm World Tour? Tokyo and Miami are next!

Photos in Paris taken by Victor Gomes unless otherwise noted. Photos in San Francisco taken by Ramzi Rizk, unless otherwise noted.