Back in March, we previewed a special edition New York zine to celebrate the launch of EyeEm Market. One season and thousands of photographs later, we’re happy – and excited! – to officially debut our first full-length magazine, EyeEm Explore: A Collection of Real Photography, Volume 1. Thanks to the incredible photos you share everyday on EyeEm, your enthusiasm, talent and feedback, we were able to take this publication one step further. With 104 glossy pages, this issue is bigger and bolder. It’s a thing of beauty, road-tested it in cafes and coffee tables from Berlin to New York.

The people behind each feature, and those that contributed the other pieces to create the whole, were selected to showcase the incredible variety and vibrancy of the EyeEm Community. Perhaps they never set out to be professionals or land in the pages of a magazine. But here they are, sharing a different reality and documenting where they’ve been, or where they wish they could be.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look on the Blog at the talents and stories behind the photos in this issue. And of course we’ve already begun planning what’s next – new formats and ways to highlight the fantastic talent within the community.


An Inside Sneak Peek

Explore contains visual stories from 57 photographers – ranging from ages 15 to 56 – using EyeEm to capture their journeys. We went to all corners of the world and found outstanding stories from the community: @twistdee (Australia); @aronshakeri (Iran); @mahyola (Nigeria); @aloneceng (Shanghai); @patrickgwalsh (Ecuador).

Thanks and congrats to all the other talents who were also featured @brettworth, @nananastya, @dinalf, @kmy0122, @guiden, @lichtathleten, @mysensibility, @j1effrey9, @porteryates, @PanteaNaghavi, @visual_thought, @heomira, @bnw_paris, @tom1977, @nikunjrathod, @itgnet, @gangilgwon, @mlmandl, @lichtwolf, @aikbengchia, @sandramedkameran, @denadulima, @druefena, @mattekatt, @stevenbeijer, @diaryofzach, @gimatova, @jofoc, @lukasbatistel, @nicolevillaluz, @THarvey, @u15678233, @aylatlantis, @andresrcs, @christabeltphoto, @wuweiwilson, @jenzen1, @veronicaarmstrong, @morazules, @namari, @nmahira, @kaiwaker, @shahabsshuriken, @jacqueszhan, @maximecolet, @jen_riel,  @jcbetancourtphoto, @dashbo, @jimbobombo, @basilioloiacono, @milohale and @kirktang.

We start with a look at the wilder shores of Australia (page 8), voyaging all the way to the mountains of Ecuador (page 84). For weekend trippers, six talented photographers show us the hidden gems to explore in their cities, from Moscow to Cape Town (page 24).

We’ll discover a new point of view through a modern look at the selfie (page 17), and depend on the kindness of strangers we meet along the way (page 60) with a collection stunning portraits of all walks of life. We’ll encounter bizarrely beautiful natural terrains (page 88) that most rarely see.

Mission Winners In Print: Brunch Around The World & From The Rooftop 

Thousands of you submitted to the two Missions we ran for the magazine. This issue showcases a selection of the shots submitted to Brunch Around The World Mission. Big round of applause to winners @christabeltphoto, @wuweiwilson, @jenzen1, @veronicaarmstrong, @morazules, @namari, @nmahira, @kaiwaker, @shahabsshuriken, @jacqueszhan, @maximecolet and @jen_riel who got featured over six pages, offering up delicious dishes and recommendations you’ve got to try!

We were also able to showcase the six winning shots from our From The Rooftop Mission, capturing the true magic of cities from the top. Congrats to @jcbetancourtphoto, @dashbo, @jimbobombo, @basilioloiacono, @milohale and @kirktang who also shared the fascinating stories behind each photo over six pages.

How To Get A Copy

This first issue is very much a limited edition that will be available at upcoming EyeEm events, Missions and contests through our Facebook & Twitter. Stay tuned for more details! We’ll also make a digital edition available in the Fall.

Can’t wait? If you’re in Berlin, join us for our Masterclass with street photographer Eric Kim at our Studio to pick up your free copy.

Many thanks to Get Your Guide, Design Hotels, Owl Optics, Crumpler, Our/Berlin Vodka, Moo, Sofitel Hotels & BCG.