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The Beauty of Fall: Your Photos On The Huffington Post

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

You captured some incredible autumnal scenes in the recent “Fall Beauty” Mission with The Huffington Post. Find out now who was featured!

Fall is a bit of a dream season for photographers. A season of change, of harvest, of color and texture, it’s just perfect for photography. Our recent Fall Beauty mission with The Huffington Post was all about capturing what you love about this season- from the wooly warm scarves, to crispy leaves underfoot and blackberry picking in the countryside.

The Huffington Post made a selection of their favorites to publish on their HuffPost Travel pages, with full credits and links back to all the winning profiles on EyeEm. We love this selection – they really capture the sights, smells and sensations of the season. Check out the full article here!

Congratulations to Jessica, Jongcheol Park, kajika, Michael Moeller, Benedict Gacutan, Lars Bæk, Annika, Marylou Manceau, Jonathan Vivaas Kise, JAYMOTION, Marie-Louise Mandl, Jelena Rezac, Hayami Hannah ハナ, Adrian, Anna Wittkowski, Benjamin, Anna Kravtsova, Dean Blotto Gray, dilek, Amelia and poiu00 who were all featured.


By Jessica

Close-up of autumn leaves on tree trunk in forest

By Jongcheol Park

High angle view of autumn leaves fallen on parkland

By kajika

High angle view of chestnuts on table

By Michael Moeller


By Benedict Gacutan

Full frame shot of pumpkins

By Lars Bæk

By Annika

By Marylou Manceau

Rear view of woman amidst trees

By Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Cropped image of hand touching plant growing outdoors


By Marie-Louise Mandl

By Jelena Rezac


By Hayami Hannah ハナ

Happy young woman with arms outstretched in park

By Adrian

Red ivy covering window of house

By Anna Wittkowski

Low angle view of dog in forest

By Benjamin

Cropped image of woman wearing shawl

By Anna Kravtsova

By Dean Blotto Gray

Close-up of mushroom growing on field at forest

By dilek

By Amelia

By poiu00

Congrats everyone! Thanks for taking part. For more ways to get featured, published, exhibited or win great prizes check out the Missions tab in the app.

Header Image by Anna Wittkowski