The 5 Winning Shots from RePicture Wealth

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Check out which photos really conveyed the concept of wealth in the modern world

RePicture Wealth, our latest mission in cooperation with Getty Images, has just finished. The photos you submitted were fantastic – you really showed what wealth means to you! From friendship to adventure to delicious feasts, you explored new ideas of what being wealthy means in a modern world.

The five most inspiring images will be featured on InFocus by Getty Images, where they will explore the story behind the photo. We’re delighted to congratulate KIRAALCHEMIST, Bali Natural Photoworks, Artyom Sokolov, binbinnnn and Julien Guinguette whose images were selected.

Amazing work, guys!


By Bali Natural Photoworks

By Artyom Sokolov

By binbinnnn

By Julien Guinguette

This mission was so inspiring, and we fell in love with so many of your photos. You can visit the full (and brilliant) RePicture Wealth album, or check out our highlights below. Well done to everyone who took part!

By Christy L. Watkins

By Rachel Warner

By Sylvie Gagelmann

By 尹浩yy

By Toshio

By James Grayly

By Miranda Porter

By Ito

By jeh

By ϟ° ▼°

By Magalhães

By Fahimah Hedar

By Maja Miletic

By Michael

By KimberlyMarrie

By Tuyen Le

By Silvia

By Yd 68

By Jeffrey Castillo

By zach louw

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Header image by @jeehmilo

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