Spotlight On: Maria Maglionico

By Phoebe - 2 min read

Our new Spotlight On series aims to shine a light on talented emerging photographers. In our first feature, we get to know Italian photographer Maria Maglionico.

Creating surreal and dreamlike imagery, Maria Maglionico draws the viewer in with her faceless portraits and stark landscapes. Growing up in southern Italy, her passion for photography started in childhood and developed during her studies at the University of Lecce. Perceiving herself as shy, she has found that photography serves for her as a weapon to fight her anxieties. Her difficulties in communicating are often reflected in her images, through hidden faces and people turned away from the lens.

Rear View Of Woman Standing At Beach
Cropped Hands Against Clear Blue Sky
Side View Of Woman Putting Hand In Swimming Pool
Close-Up Girl Holding Mirror With Reflection Of Sea At Beach
Rear View Of Woman Sitting At Poolside By Sea Against Clear Sky
Rear View Of Man Standing On Field
Young Woman With Closed Eyes Standing Against Blue Wall
Rear View Of Woman Standing At Beach Against Sky

This post was created as part of our ongoing Spotlight On series. To see more of Maria’s beautiful photography, visit her EyeEm profile.