Spotlight On: Black Wu

By Marili Persson - 2 min read

Our Spotlight On series aims to shine a light on talented emerging photographers. Today, we get to know Taiwanese photographer Black Wu.

Taipei based photographer Black Wu captures the relativity between human and space, with the goal to always simplify the image as much as possible. When taking architecture photos, he always aims to put people in the frame. He repeatedly visits the same locations, on both sunny and rainy days, at dawn and sunset, to capture the best angles and unnoticeable corners of buildings. Because of his current daytime job at a TV station, he mostly takes his photos in Taipei, Taiwan. Sometime in the future, he wants to travel around the globe and explore new perspectives.

“People, shapes and buildings. Buildings shape people. The relationship between humans and buildings is seamless.”

This post was created as part of our ongoing Spotlight On series. To see more of Wubai’s beautiful photography, make sure to follow along on his EyeEm.