Sport Sells: Get Your Creative Campaigns Olympics-Ready

By Lucy - 5 min read

24 authentic summer Olympics photos, one for each sport we’ll see in Rio

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are just around the corner. 19 days, 306 events, 10,000 participants. And one big global conversation. That’s right, millions of people around the world will be immersing themselves in the topic, both online and offline. So how can you be sure that your creative campaign will stand out?

Enter authentic sports photography. It’s what audiences can identify with and be inspired by. It’s what they want to see and what they will share. If you’re creating Olympic Games-themed posts for social media or giving an editorial piece a sporty touch, get real with un-stock photography from EyeEm Market. Such as the photos below, all available to license today!

24 authentic summer Olympics photos, one for each sport:


Low section of man holding bow while standing by arrows on field

By Sash



By Alyssa


People playing basketball

By cocoi base


low section

By Flyingmuffyn


Boxing head protectors mounted on wall at home

By Lauren Marek


High angle view of canoes in calm water

By Aratrika Ganguly

Table Tennis

Boys playing ping pong go-round against white background

By James Tan


high angle view

By Nazir Azhari


Human feet in swimming pool

By Jennifer Dall


Young man lifting weights in gym

By Stephanie Atkinson

Horse Riding

Woman riding horse over hurdle

By dainius


Action shot of two people fencing with witnessing spectators

By T.


Sailboats sailing in sea against sky

By Cosmoideo


Rear view of woman in sports clothing swinging at golf course

By Matt Holland


Low section of man playing hockey on field



High angle view of people swimming in river

By urban poetry

Beach Volleyball

Low angle view of shirtless man playing volleyball against clear blue sky

By Alessandro Stronati



By Alfons Teruel


Men rowing boat in river

By pat


Rear view of person shooting pistol at target

By Vinny Sciandra


real people

By Halie West

Synchronized Swimming

real people

By Анна Василькова

Running & Track

High angle view of athletes running on street during marathon

By urban poetry


Triathletes swimming in sea

By Yuli Seperi

These Olympic pictures are yours to license.

As this year’s Olympic Games approach, authentic sports photos are selling like crazy. And there are so many more where these came from! See what the EyeEm community has to offer and snap up a sports photo for your creative project today:

Looking for something a little more specific? Find fresh photography in our curated sport-themed image collections e.g. Football photos, Basketball images or Brazil pictures! You can also get in touch with our Creative Services team for a free curation.

Header image by @alestronati.

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