Shooting for EyeEm Market: The Best Photos From Our “The Color of” Missions

By Lars - 5 min read

Four Missions showing the color of sport, school, technology, and business.

In September we hosted four unusual Missions: Rather than partnering with a brand, we showed you exactly what brands are looking for on EyeEm Market and asked you to shoot it. We called these Mission “The Color of”, with a specific look at Sport, School, Technology, and Business.

From your submissions, our photo editors have selected five favorites for each Mission. We like these picture because they show unusual angles and and portray our topics with lots of contrast and bright colors. It makes the photos look warm and friendly – and also a little abstract. This is perfect for image buyers who can use them in a marketing context!

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The Color of Sport


High angle view of swimming pool by sea

By Isonomo



By Corina Pop

Oar hanging on wall

By Mette Bruus

Illuminated firework display at night

By Carter – Light and Soul

High angle view of skateboard at park

By Rosley

The Color of School


Stop sign on school bus

By E M.


High angle view of empty swing

By Rosley

Close-up of woman's hands holding chalk

By Ivan Maximov

Directly above shot of pencils in container on table

By Horton Photography

real people

By Caelinear

The Color of Technology


Side view of silhouette man with torch standing in front of wire wool at night

By C. Beth Ellis



By omar jabri

Close-up of red fruit over white background

By Per Engström

light trail

By Sofia👒


By Gianmaria Scibilia

The Color of Business


High angle view of woman walking on yellow striped street

By Sunny Liu


Full frame shot of illuminated office building

By Per Engström

rear view

By Berlinspire by Samet

Cropped image of worker painting balustrade

By F L U S I⭐M A N


By Marlou

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who made it onto the shortlist! The Mission may be over, but you can still take pictures for these topics – photo buyers keep seeking out photos of these topics and the shots you upload have a great change of selling.

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Header image by @lou_gau.

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