The Shots You Have to Get This Holiday Season

By Madeline - 4 min read

These are the holiday photos that will sell.

Now is the time to prepare for future sales! The holiday season offers the year’s most iconic motifs that buyers love to snatch up: Presents, festivities, and community. To make sure you know exactly what to point your cameras at, we’ve asked photo editor Madeline to point out how to sell holiday photos and put together some guidelines for you to follow.

Handmade Objects

Homemade gifts, artful packaging, crafty decoration – image buyers are looking for photos of the holidays with a personal touch. The good news is that these kinds of photos can also be sold easily: Pictures without visible brands don’t need a photo release, making it much easier for you to sell them.

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By Jose Luis Salinas

By Merethe Svarstad Eeg


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are a time of good spirits and parties – an aspect that is often missing from the typical photos we see around the holidays. Photos of the celebrations around this time of the year are particularly nice when you pair the dim lamps and candles with the soft natural light of the season.

By Criene

By Kirsty Lee

Festive Time Together

Photos of human interaction sell consistently well on EyeEm – image buyers love them not just for their authenticity but also because they allow a viewer to image themselves in the same situations. Since you’re most likely surrounded by friends and family, ask them to be in your photos – or at least capture their hands unwrapping gifts or raising glasses of champagne. People help your photos stand out and sell better.

By Stephanie Atkinson

By Evgeny Ivanov

Winter Adventure

Who says that you need to be confined to the home over Christmas? It may be cold out, but all the free time around the holidays presents the ideal opportunity for winter adventures or exploring the hidden nooks of your hometown. Take photos of people outside in the snow, among the trees, or even in those portions of the world where Christmas comes with tropical heat. Travel photos are always in demand on EyeEm, and combining them with the lights and snow of the holidays makes them even more attractive.

By Szabo Ervin-Edward

By Erik Nardini

Festive Food

Show what’s nourishing you at the end of the year – the more specific the better. Remember that image buyers search for specific terms, and that covering them with photos might create ongoing sales revenue for you. That gingerbread man you just made? Better put it on Market quickly!

By Caroline Bladh

By Viscount “Boy” Mulcaster

Header image by @criene.