See the Winners of Our First Ever Video Mission

By Jonathon - 2 min read

Check out these beautiful clips of life in motion and find out why we picked them as winners.

EyeEm Videography is where you can share your moving images. And to bring the competitive spirit of photo Missions to videos, we recently launched our very first video Mission. We had three different LUUV camera stabilizers up for grabs—for whoever sent us the best videos for the following brief:

“Show us the best moments you’ve had with family and friends. Whether partying on the rooftops of New York, sharing fancy food experiences in Paris, or enjoying long walks on scenic beaches, we want to see your life in action.”

As always, we weren’t looking for feature-length movies but rather for short, 5-30 second clips. Today we’re happy to unveil the winners and share why we picked them.



This unique perspective captures life in motion within an urban environment. The static aerial shot with its great in-frame elements make it intriguing to watch.



In this shot we see a moving time-lapse around a static subject. We’re pulled into the bustle of big city life, all the while remaining static.


We love this because it’s different interpretation of ‘life in motion’. Here we see a birthday party, and get a sense of time and life passing.









Header video by @Jacksmith219.