Last winter, Michele Palazzo (@streetfauna) shot the following photo during the blizzard in New York City. The capture was both serene and unreal – and quickly went viral. We caught up with Michele to see what he has been up to during this winter and if he took any pictures during the recent cold snap.

Jonas Blizzard in New York blizzard 2016 blizzard New York Flatiron Building snow Storm Landscapes With WhiteWall The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Fine Art Photography Ice Age
By Michele Palazzo

What have you been up to since taking that viral photo last year?
Last year was a great year for me, full of opportunities and inspiration. The hype surrounding my photo helped me become more visible as a photographer, I put together a new website, and started selling photos as well. An art gallery is now selling the photo I took of the Flatiron building as limited edition, which is amazing to me.

Sounds great – any other projects?
I did an exhibition of my street photography: A collaborative project with the artist Giorgio Casu. It was a a combination of photography and painting. It consists of 33 pieces – novel extensions of both mediums – that are intimate interpretations of New York daily life. You can read more about it here.

Habitat 67, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaArchitecture ebuilding gbuilt structure ecanada aCity yHabitat thabitat67 7Montréal lQuebec cFine Art Photography y Hidden Gems people and places
By Michele Palazzo

Streets of New York candid Check this out Fufjifilm X100S Nature newyorkcity ricohgr street streetpgotographer streetphotography
By Michele Palazzo

A day in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa apartheid candid Colors fujifilm_xseries mandela people southafrica soweto street streetphotography
By Michele Palazzo

Two days in Chicago black and white bnw canon Chicago Chicago architecture Illinois street photography travel destinations Travel Photography USA
By Michele Palazzo

How did that photo change the way you take images?
My background and focus is architectural photography, but I don’t want to do purely that. My goal is to combine architecture and street. That’s what I am exploring as my style: Incorporate architecture with nature, weather, and the human dimension. I want my photos to show how we interact with spaces and how the weather is changing that perception.

A brief romance under the snow nnightCCityssnowNNYCsstreetphotographyRRomance
By Michele Palazzo

We noticed you went back to the flatiron building. How did it feel being back in the snow storm, shooting around NYC?
I tried to stay away as not to repeat myself – but it’s also my neighborhood, which makes it difficult to avoid those places. I love the atmosphere there, and I love bad weather for shooting, so it was hard to resist.

A early morning walk in the Snowstorm bliss fujifilm_xseries Manhattan Nature newyork newyorkcity snow snowstorm streetphotography
By Michele Palazzo

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