Modern Day Resistance

By Marili - 7 min read

How people around the world fight for what they believe in.

To resist something means to keep it at bay or to fend off its influence. What do people resist these days and how do they do it? To gear up for the International Center of Photography School’s second annual Hack the Photo event, we challenged you to answer that question. Not only can resistance take many forms, it can also apply to many situations – something the winning images clearly prove. They show everyday people standing up for what they think is right – or symbolically picture this act.

Congratulations to the winner Anton flow, who won a membership to ICP. His work and that of the photographers below were exhibited at ICP’s Hack the Photo event in New York City.

Grand-Prize Winner

High angle view of person walking on splashed water on footpath in rainy season

By anton flow


large group of people

By Dozzko


By alpha.evil



By Chris Gongora

real people

By Surya


By Pantea Naghavi Anaraki


By MaxGor

real people

By Jay Ybarra


By Tenebrogg


By urban poetry

real people

By Amir Hamja

real people

By Arth Figueroa Jumagdao


By Youngduk Ko

high angle view

By Thiago Dezan


By Banar Fil Ardhi

Low section of woman standing on roof

By Ipfor

Full length of a girl

By Katie Douglas

waist up

By Patcharaporn Komopis


By Vincent Brière

real people

By Kevin Short

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Header image by Banar Fil Ardhi.

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